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Communicating with Your Partner for Better Connection

Connection, we all crave it. Studies show that when we are connected with people we love, we live longer lives. We seek connection through family and friends. It is our intimate relationships that provide the greatest forms of connection. Communicating with your partner in a healthy way promotes connection and intimacy. When communication struggles emerge we often find ourselves feeling isolated and misunderstood. These negative emotions lead to arguments – or worse, we stop communicating altogether.

If you find yourself struggling to connect and communicate with your partner, there are things you can do to help. Communication skills can be learned at any age and stage of the relationship.

Two types of communication

Communication is essential to a happy, healthy partnership. There are two parts to healthy communication: speaking and listening. When we think of communicating our needs, we usually focus on the words we speak. And when speaking, it’s helpful to remember that communication goes beyond the words we speak. There are two types of communication that come together to create the message we speak:

Verbal: Verbal communication is the most obvious form of communication. These are the words we speak. While it is crucial that we are aware of the content of our words, they only play a part in the message that is received by our partner. Non-verbal cues provide a great deal of context to our words and can greatly affect how our message is received.

Non-verbal: Non-verbal communication encompasses our tone (sarcasm, sympathy, frustration…), body language (engaged, aloof, connected…), and even our presentation (composed, erratic, disorganized…). Studies have shown that non-verbal communication is equally (if not more) important to verbal communication when discussing difficult topics.

As mentioned earlier, speaking is only one part of communication. It is important that we speak clearly and that our verbal and non-verbal communications match our intentions. In a relationship, it is also critical that we are good listeners. To improve communication in a relationship, we must discover how to listen, not how to talk.

“The biggest communication problem is we do not listen to understand. We listen to reply.”

Stephen R. Covey

Signs you may struggle to communicate with your partner

When we have poor communication we often feel unheard or misunderstood. Here are some indicators that your communication isn’t working:

  • Feeling misunderstood
  • Feeling unheard
  • Frequent fights and arguments
  • Emotionally distant
  • Increased resentment
  • Cyclical arguments that are never resolved
  • Passive Aggression
  • Getting defensive
  • Criticizing or belittling
  • Lack of emotional intimacy
  • Stubbornness and the need to “win”

Tips for communicating with your partner

Couple holding hands with each other leading them forward. Couples communication required leadership as well as a vision for the future. If you can both see that you are moving forward together, it makes it easier to communicate.The biggest misconception about how to communicate in a relationship is that communication is the same as talking or making conversation. Communication in partnerships, at its core, is about connecting with your spouse to offer support and to understand their point of view. Below are some helpful tips for communicating with your partner.

Stay focused on the current topic

It may be tempting to bring up past events, but doing so will often lead to unproductive arguments. This often clouds the issue and makes finding mutual understanding and a solution to the current issue less likely. Try not to bring up past hurts or other topics. Stay focused on the present, your feelings, understanding one another, and finding a solution.

If there is a long history of similar conflicts, then it may be helpful to sort through these past events with a counselor. The counselor will help you understand the commonalities among all the past events and will help you discuss and resolve the issues with clarity and focus.

Listen Carefully

People often think they are listening, but really they are thinking of what they want to say next. Remember, healthy communication includes listening to understand. When your partner is speaking, don’t interrupt and don’t get defensive. When they are done speaking, first try to repeat back to them what you think you heard. This will let them know you are hearing them and will also give them an opportunity to clear up any misconceptions.

Respond to criticism with empathy

Couple looking into each others eyes. Communication as a couple requires active listening. That means looking at your partner when they are talking and taking into account verbal and nonverbal cues. Couples communication depends on listening more than anything.It can be tough to hear criticism and not become defensive. It is helpful to remember that your partner is trying to communicate how your behavior is making them feel. Even if your partner isn’t using those words, try and pull out how they are feeling. When you can connect and talk about their experience, it will be easier to connect and find a mutual solution.

Own what is yours

Personal responsibility is a strength, not a weakness. Healthy communication involves admitting when you’re wrong. Even if you didn’t mean to hurt or offend your partner, it is healthy and productive to admit when you have caused your partner pain.

Use “I” statements for communicating with your partner

Instead of saying things like “You hurt me” or “You really messed up here”, begin statements with “I” and make them about yourself and your feelings, like, “I feel hurt and unimportant when this happens…”. “I” statements are less accusatory, less likely to spark defensiveness, and help the other person understand your point of view. I statements help you communicate clearly with your partner.

Take a time out when communicating with your partner

Sometimes tempers get heated and it’s just too difficult to continue a discussion without it becoming an argument or a fight. If you feel yourself or your partner starting to get too angry to be constructive, it’s okay to take a break from the conversation until you have had some time to cool off. It is important that you intentionally seek out activities to cool off and return to the conversation.

Sometimes communicating with your partner well means knowing when to take a break.

Remember that the goal of effective communication skills should be mutual understanding and finding a solution that pleases both parties, not “winning” the argument or “being right.” This doesn’t work in every situation, but sometimes (if you’re having a conflict in a romantic relationship) it helps to hold hands or stay physically connected as you talk. This can remind you that you still care about each other and generally support one another.
Keep in mind that it’s important to remain respectful of the other person, even if you don’t like their actions.

When your partner isn’t on board

Couple that is upset and not able to communicate. They are facing away from one another against a wall.If your partner is not interested in learning how to improve their communication skills, that is okay. It does not mean that your relationship is doomed. Rather, you are just the first person to make the decision to improve aspects of the relationship. Since the goal of effective communication is mutual understanding, you can help make communication feel easier by practicing clear verbal and non-verbal skills and demonstrating good listening skills. By doing this, you will diffuse the situation and create a more harmonious atmosphere for communication to occur. Of course, boundaries and reciprocal attention are important in a partnership. It may be helpful to enlist the help of a counselor to ensure that you are not creating or maintaining unhealthy relationship patterns.

Texas-based Couples Counseling may help you with communicating with your partner

If one or both of you has trouble staying respectful during the conflict, or if you’ve tried to resolve conflict with your partner on your own and the situation isn’t improving, you might benefit from a few sessions with a couples therapist. Couples counseling or family therapy can provide help with contentious arguments and can teach skills to resolve future conflicts. If your partner is not interested in going to counseling, you can still benefit from going alone.

The Well House Group has counselors who specialize in couples counseling in Southlake, Texas. If you are curious about other resources or are interested in learning how to communicate with your partner, contact us. We work with couples all over the Dallas-Fort Worth area. For those located outside of the DFW metroplex, we offer secure Telehealth counseling through our HIPAA compliant servers. We look forward to helping you improve your relationships with your loved ones.

7 Back to School Tips for Parents Post-Pandemic

Every child faces challenges when returning back to school. But back-to-school-time can be even more challenging for students who struggle with mental health or learning disabilities. School routines and expectations are very different from those of summer break.  As the world begins to open up after COVID-19, many kids are finding themselves back in the classroom for the first time in a while. We have all felt the impact of COVID-19 restrictions. And children are no exception. It’s helpful to remember that while children are often quite resilient, they are not immune to the stresses of environmental change. As we prepare for back to school activities, you may be wondering how to help your child deal with school during COVID-19.


Seven back to school tips for parents.

seven back to school tips for parentsMental Health problems often come back with the start of school.

Summer provides a welcome respite from the hustle and expectations of the school year. The jump back into a hyper-regimented schedule is a lot to handle for anyone, but it is especially challenging for kids. Children with special needs will need extra attention to make sure they are prepared to navigate the expectations of the new school year. This will look different for each child, but often this means that a parent will need to help set up organization, study habits, school support team. In addition to setting them up for success at the beginning, keep a closer eye on them throughout the first month or so to see how they are adjusting. As the year goes on, try to touch base with them on how they are doing emotionally.

Get to know your child’s teachers.

Depending on your child’s age and maturity level, you will want to forge a connection with your child’s teachers. Teachers get to know a child’s family through the child’s eyes. They get to know how a child behaves without the parents present.  You can begin by asking questions like: How is my child doing? Do you have any concerns about their social or academic skills? Do you think they need my help with anything?

If your child is older, you will want to encourage proper communication with teachers. This includes reaching out to the teachers via email and in-office hours. It’s important that your child begin building a relationship with their teacher before trouble hits. An easy way to do this is to set up a schedule where your child regularly attends tutorial hours with individual teachers. By regularly rotating through these intimate settings your child will learn the importance of relationships in academic success.

Set up a homework routine from the beginning

You can help your child adjust to the structure of a new school year by making changes to the structure and expectations at home. A dedicated after-school routine that includes time for homework is crucial. Involve your child in the planning, but once the routine is set, do not let them deviate from the plan. You will be reinforcing the importance of this routine, and everyone will benefit from the dedicated time for home studies.

Reinforce good sleep habits.

Getting plenty of rest and sleep is important not only for good grades and staying awake but also for preventing depression and other mental health issues. Establishing a reasonable bedtime routine for your child will let them know that sleep is important. This can be even more important as they get older and have additional commitments outside of school. Setting up the habit early can lead to higher rates of success as they age.

Serve healthy food and encourage healthy eating.

Food choices affect mood, ability to concentrate, and energy levels. It is important that you provide healthy balanced options for your child. Having healthy fruits and vegetables available for after-school snacks will help your child stay alert and focused as they begin their after-school activities. Learn more about your child’s nutritional needs, so you can be setting them up for success. Not only is this going to impact them today with their learning abilities, but these habits come into play later in life as well.

Don’t jump to conclusions.

Every child matures and learns at their own pace. If your child isn’t quite ready for the rigor and expectations in the classroom that is okay. Talk with teachers and administrators to understand what their goals and intentions are for students. They can give you tips and tricks to support your child as they grow into the expectations of the school year. By initiating these conversations with school staff, you will be in a good position for further intervention should your child need additional support beyond what you are able to give.

Don’t overcommit.

With so many good opportunities for extracurriculars, many families find themselves exhausted running from one activity to the next. Keep in mind the cumulative effect that each activity will have on your child. Even if your child can logistically attend all the practices and meetings, it may not be wise to spread their energies and attention across many different activities.

At the Well House Group, we see many kids who are stressed, anxious and exhausted from all their activities. Rigorous extracurriculars on top of a rigorous academic schedule is not a recipe for mental health. To know if you have overextended your obligations, you only need to look to your child for clues. Are they exhausted, anxious, or struggling to manage their responsibilities? If so, this can be a sign that they have overcommitted themselves. As a parent, it is your job to model a balanced lifestyle that includes ample time for rest and fun in addition to academic and extracurricular activities.

While these are helpful tips for all parents at the start of the year, there are some instances where these tips are not enough. If your child shows signs of extreme anxiety and has unusual difficulties in school, you should discuss your concerns with your child’s teacher as well as a mental health professional. Each of these individuals can advise on whether a child’s problems are normal and age-appropriate or require further evaluation.

How we can help you get Back to School

Our counseling services are for more than just when your child may be anxious or depressed. We have the tools here at The Well House to help with future planning, academic coaching, or to help you with what to do next as a parent. The support necessary for a whole family is important to us here. This year in particular is going to be hard for us and our kids as we navigate a world that looks completely different than it may have before. Kids are doing school online, they may not be able to play the way they used to, and new rules are abundant. School post-pandemic doesn’t have to be scary, though.

We are here to provide you with the support that your family needs, whatever that may be. Reach out to us and schedule a discussion to find out how we can help you and your children. Let’s get back to school without feeling like losing your mind. Let’s make this school year a great one.

Parent Coaching Isn’t Just for Those with Troubled Kids

As parents, it can be difficult to find the appropriate method of communication and parenting style when your family is constantly bombarded with ‘helpful advice’ from nearly every angle. Parent coaching in Texas is different. That lady at the grocery store judging your screaming toddler isn’t the best person to be consulting on how to raise well-adjusted children. Each stage of life comes with a whole new set of challenges; but, unfortunately, those times do not come with a road map.

All the self-help books in the world cannot understand your individual family and their needs as they grow and change. Especially when you are trying to handle a difficult child with big emotions, not knowing what to do is part of the territory. That is where counseling and parent coaching can become very effective. We are sharing with you just a few of the many reasons why our approach to counseling in Southlake, TX may be right for you and your family.

So, what can parent coaching do for you?

Coaching can allow you and your children to become closer and build better bonds

Younger boy and girl baking together in the kitchen. As your kids age, parenting changes. Learn how to walk through this with a parent coach in Southlake, TX. You can meet us in person or via online therapy today. Begin parenting coaching in Texas soon!You might assume that this would apply only to older children and teens, but knowing how to communicate effectively with your younger children can lay the groundwork for later years as well. At each stage of life, there is an immense amount of chemical and physical changes that can become overwhelming to your children. Understanding the reasoning behind your children’s behavior can allow you as the parent to better address their needs.

Teenagers have nothing on the angst of a person that thinks they know it all. Opening up the avenue of communication early with your children can lead to a better understanding between you both as they grow into young adults. Teenage years are looked upon as the nightmare years of any parent. You were a teenager once, but it may be hard to really reconnect with your inner teen in order to understand them. Talking with a licensed professional counselor can help you get back into your own teenage shoes. Granted, your shoes may not be in style anymore, but the point remains

You will feel more confident in your parenting decisions and goals

Feeling your way in the dark with kids is a lonely journey. It is easy to lose confidence in whatever decisions you are making. Bouncing questions off of a parent coach provides you with resources and the tools to know what works and what doesn’t. Parent coaching gives you back the control and therefore leads to a more content family. Parenting is no doubt stressful, but it is also so rewarding when you are being effective.

Out-of-control situations lead to a multitude of issues. We as humans cannot control everything, but we do have the power to control our reactions. Children have a hard time at the beginning controlling how they react until a parent can step in and teach them. How are parents of difficult children supposed to know how to react to those situations if they, themselves, have never been taught? That is what parent coaching with a counselor in Southlake, TX is all about.

Learn how to set goals and a path to success with a partner that will cheer you on along the way. Your counselor is there to help you in achieving whatever parent goals you and your family need to or want to set for themselves. Each family is unique, but that is what makes this kind of journey so magical!

Online parent coaching in Texas helps to correct harmful behaviors

It happens to all of us. You’ve probably thought to yourself, “Oh my gosh, I am just like my mother/father.” While some of us grew up with fantastic parents, there is always room for growth. Some of our own learned behaviors can be harmful to our children, and the last thing we want is to hurt their growth as human beings. Counseling can allow you the space to work on yourself. You can change those harmful patterns of behavior.

Likewise, it allows you the safe space to admit when you get off track. Perfection is never realistic for any of us. Having an empathetic and impartial person to turn to when you know you aren’t meeting the mark is important for your own well-being as a parent as well. Addressing the issues, learning how to best overcome them, and continuously improving is far better than a false perfection could ever be.

Sometimes, you just need a place to go when you feel overwhelmed

Man sitting in brown chair in corner while rubbing forehead. Parenting is rewarding and challenging. Working with a parent coach can help. Begin online parent coaching texas today. We look forward to working with you via online therapy in Southlake, TX. When the everyday worries that come with being a parent are too overwhelming, a counselor is a great option to relieve some of the stress and anxiety. Being a parent is such hard work. Sometimes, you need a place without any judgment to be imperfect. Maybe you don’t even know where to begin, you just feel like giving up, or your partner can’t give you the help that you so desperately need.

Counseling can be that place for you. Bounce the ideas, the worries, the fears off of someone that is a true expert. Our counselors are impartial, but they also care deeply for your personal journey and believe in addressing people as a whole. You can have an excellent game plan, but feelings and worries can arise that you never really expected.

What are some of the common issues covered in Online parent coaching?

As your child develops, their needs are developing alongside them. Therefore, the topics that we cover during your sessions will depend on the age of the children in your family. After assessing what your goals are with your family, we may dive into more generic topics to get a better understanding of where your family may be in their journey.

Infants and Toddlers

For infants and toddlers, mommy and me groups can be great. Parent coaching is something that can dive a little bit deeper into issues that are at the core of development. These formative years can be full of terrifying ways you may ‘mess up’ your children. Our counselors in Southlake, TX are there to explain the theory and best practices in a way that you create a thriving environment for your young ones. They already have the years of schooling to decode the lingo so you don’t have to. The topics we may cover looks something like this:

  • The expectations you carry for yourself as a parent of a new child.
  • Learning how your child is communicating with you and how to read those signals.
  • Teaching how to foster self-esteem from infancy.
  • Setting limitations while fostering independence.
  • Learning through play, literacy, and speech.


For children that are a bit older the topics that we cover begin to get more nuanced and complicated. This is when your children are learning their senses of right and wrong, growing self-esteem, and learning how to handle the stress of growing up. Some of the topics included in these discussions are:

  • Parenting styles and decision making as well as possibly single parenthood.
  • Communication strategies for young children.
  • How to encourage emotional growth and coping strategies for stress.
  • Dealing with problem behaviors and how to set structures and limits.
  • Helping your children to succeed in school and communicating with teachers.
  • Conflict resolution between siblings and friends. 


Adolescents come with these and more challenges. Along with communication strategies, learning styles emerging, and continued brain development; teens are facing the sea of hormones that come with these years. Topics for handling teen behavior could include:

  • How to handle your teen’s emerging sexuality.
  • Substance abuse prevention and peer pressure.
  • Nonviolent conflict resolution strategies.
  • Managing independence against outside risks.

Again, each family is going to be different. At our office here in Southlake, Texas
as well as via online therapy, we are providing you with the strategies to tackle these issues. Additionally, we are teaching you how your reactions and behaviors influence that of your children. Lastly, we can also provide therapy for teens alongside your parent coaching.

Let’s talk for just a minute about adolescents specifically

As a parent of a teen or a child that is nearing that stage of life, you may already know just how different parenting becomes. You are past the point where “Just because I said so” is a reasonable enough explanation to keep challenging questions at bay. They are becoming individuals with sometimes a completely different perception of the world than you. This world we are living in now also carries some unique challenges for that age group that we barely touched at that young of an age.

Young woman with blonde hair smiling with brunette friend. We know you want to connect with your teen, but how? Online parent coaching in Texas helps. Work with a skilled parent coach and improve your parenting style in-person or via online therapy in Texas!Social media and the wave of peer approval via those connections along with filters, photoshop, and impossible standards of comparison means that these children are far more susceptible to the pitfalls of depression and anxiety than ever before.  According to studies conducted by the CDC, children ages 6-11 years old and adolescents from age 12-17 years old experience depression at triple the rate as they enter the older category. As this is now what appears to be a permanent part of our society, how are we as parents supposed to handle that imbalance? Parent coaching can help you manage their delicately growing self-esteem and recognize some of the warning signs that can accompany larger issues.

How do you know if you are truly hearing your teen?

Talking with your teen about these and other hard topics can prove difficult. That is why parent coaching also focuses so much on communication strategies. Parents often think they are listening to their children; yet, the children sometimes still feel misunderstood or unheard. Improving our ability to allow space in the conversation for them to think about responses and digging deeper into how they are feeling about what’s happening is really important. Even as adults, we can struggle to communicate our true feelings to those we love. In-person or online parent coaching teaches you to work together. This moves you towards a true compromise that benefits all parties involved. And shows your child what it means to have mature and productive conversations.

Impact of nonverbal communication

An aspect of interpersonal relationships that is often overlooked but plays a huge role in nonverbal communication. Perhaps you as a parent are listening actively, but your teen is still struggling to feel heard. Nonverbal communication, or as it’s commonly referred to as body language, can have a massive impact on the productiveness of your communication. By the time adolescence rolls around, humans are very well attuned to the nuances that kind of communication provides. Parents often have to learn to control their own body language to help their teenagers feel comfortable. Small signs of aggression or frustration in hand gestures or posture can derail the best of conversations. Working with a parent coach helps you to calm your own subconscious feelings to stay neutral in the face of challenging times.

These are just a few of the many issues that are unique to teens of today. Sometimes it can feel as though you are constantly ‘behind the times, but that doesn’t mean that you can’t be there for them as a parent. There is no need to download TikTok to understand what is going through their head. All it takes is some time, effort, and maybe a helping hand from our therapists in Southlake, Texas to help you to build a lasting relationship with your teenager that will help heal wounds and prevent new ones from opening.

Is parent coaching right for you and your family?

Whether you are dealing with a particularly difficult child or just want to dive deeper into your relationships with your children, counseling in Southlake, Texas can take you there. We offer parent coaching alongside other styles of therapy to help you and your family get to the best place. Whether you are meeting with Jennifer or Reagan, you can rest assured that you are being cared for by people that love what they do.

Book yourself, your family, or your child for a consultation today via text, email, or phone call. We would be happy to have you as a part of our practice here in Southlake or via online therapy with our HIPAA secure telemedicine connection.

Begin online Parent Coaching in Texas

As parents, it can be difficult to communicate. When you parent, your family is constantly giving you advice from different perspectives. Sometimes you just need a space to listen and be heard. That is why parent coaching is different and beneficial. Our Southlake, Texas counseling group has skilled therapists who work as parent coaches. We will work to match you with the right coach that fits your needs. If you have questions about teen counseling or online parent coaching in Texas and would like to get started, please give us a call at 817-609-4080 or email us at info@thewellhousesouthlake.com.

Other Mental Health Services at The Well House

Online parent coaching isn’t the only service we offer in our Southlake, TX counseling group. Other services at The Well House include therapy for moms, teen counselingEMDR therapy, parent coaching, postpartum support, EMDR for peak performance, academic coaching, career coaching, marriage counseling and couples therapy, and young adult therapy. Lastly, all of our services are offered in-person or via online counseling in Texas. We also offer LPC Interns and Associates looking to complete their licensure requirements we offer clinical supervision in Texas. Join us today to get specialized help for your needs.

Why Couples Counseling Is for Everyone

Marriage counseling and couples therapy sometimes come with a reputation. It’s the last step for a lot of people on the road to divorce as well as something to avoid at all costs. But that is totally wrong. The news is actually really great! Relationship success rates are up to 98% according to the American Association for Marriage and Family Therapy. Counseling is for everyone for every reason not just the worst parts of life. Yes, it can be a place to pick up the pieces. And, yes, it can be a place for couples in a great place to grow together deeper into their love for one another. Plus it’s a great place to develop as individuals. Also, you don’t have to be married or even dating for a decade to go. Building a healthy relationship doesn’t have to wait at all just to match up with stereotypes.

Maybe you and your spouse are in that middle ground. The ‘honeymoon phase is over, real life is monotonous, but you still care deeply for your spouse and family. Couples counseling seems like more of a hassle than anything else. Look at it this way, is it easier to patch up a sinking ship when it’s a few small leaks than the size of a finger. Or, when the only option is to scoop buckets out after the leak is too big to easily plug? Of course, it’s easier to do it early! Let’s talk a bit about the amazing benefits of marriage counseling and couples therapy in Southlake, TX.

Benefits of Marriage Counseling and Couples Therapy for Those Not Yet Married

Increasing intimacy or develop more/better romance between them and their partner

Every person comes with their own baggage into new relationships. Those of us who think we are doing a good job, may not be able to drop some of those walls to our new partners. You may think that we are being vulnerable when we really are not. Opening up with an objective third party can help you to grow as an individual. Additionally, you can learn to open up with your partner in a way that deepens the intimacy that you are beginning to develop.

What is intimacy, though, and what makes it successful? This can look different for some people. In general, it involves feelings of emotional closeness and connectedness with another person. These are often displayed through feelings of mutual trust, acceptance, and caring. This comes extremely easy for some and harder for others. The environment you grow up in has a great deal to do with how we display this for our partners and future families. Intimacy issues are worked through via a few avenues. This includes knowing and liking yourself, trust, honesty, and developing communication skills.

Working with a counselor can help!

Working with a counselor in Southlake and your partner can help to unlock your own feelings about intimacy. This will help you to best show and receive these acts of caring. This is where the romance comes to fruition, but the five love languages can leave people out. Getting to know yourself as you and not a mold to fit into can lead to a more fulfilling and romantic relationship with your partner.

Learning how to better support day-to-day stressors

Life is full of stressors, but what can be complicated is adding another person’s stressors into the mix. Often they aren’t even the same things as one another. That dish in the sink driving you absolutely crazy may be absolutely invisible in the eye of your partner. Couple that with the stress of work, family, and friends. It’s really no surprise that people have emotional explosions with all of that going on. Not only that but how we relieve that stress is completely different for each person. For some, that means meditation and quiet times while for others it means socializing with friends and getting a little rowdy. Each has its time and place and is valid to each individual.

Mixed couples sitting in field laughing together. You're not married yet, but you've considered it. How can couples counseling near Southlake, TX help? Learn from a skilled couples therapist who can help you connect. Begin marriage counseling and couples therapy in Southlake, TX today or via online therapy in Texas. Couples therapy near Southlake, or via online therapy is a place for each partner to discover what they can do to support your stressors and allow the time for each of you to blow off steam. Not only that but working with a counselor can help you to come up with healthy ways to decrease the anxiety of everyday life. If you have never worked with a professional to learn these, this can be a great resource! Learning new coping strategies for life is always beneficial.

They want to improve and learn better communication skills

Communication is the lifeblood of any relationship, romantic or not. If you cannot communicate properly and effectively with your spouse, you will be having two different conversations. Thus not building a good base for your future. This could mean communicating needs to your partner, setting boundaries, or learning how to disagree in a way that will not hurt your partner.

Disagreements are inevitable, but we’ve all had productive arguments that feel different from ones that leave the issue unresolved and feelings wounded. It can make all the difference to bring some coaching to those situations. What’s odd is that people wait until years after having many arguments to seek out help. Please, do not be ashamed to come in early as a preventative! Marriage counseling and couples therapy can help to save your relationship. Especially, before it’s in trouble and allow room for an amazing and fruitful time together.

Marriage counseling and couples therapy can help you heal and understand past trauma

We would all like to come into each new relationship with fresh eyes to see our partners for who they really are. Unfortunately, most of us don’t have the luxury of marrying our first partner. Not only that, the trauma from our families can have a deep impact on how we interact with and see our partners. For some, this trauma is far more severe than others. Sexual assault and abuse are traumas that can have a severe impact on our future relationships. Having a safe place to bring this up and work through it with your partner is so important.

Counselors in Southlake can help you and your partner to work through the worst of it and find out ways to heal. Not everyone will want to go through this process with their partner first. Sometimes it is good to get an understanding of where you are with some individual counseling before shifting gears to the work done inside of couples therapy in Southlake, TX. Wherever you are in your journey with past trauma, our counselors here in Southlake empathize with you to create a safe place to move past it all.

What are some other factors that can be specific to married and long-term couples?

As a couple’s lives begin to intermingle, issues can arise that are not part of newer relationships. There are issues of money, in-laws, and so many others. Hopefully, you are blessed with lovely in-laws that you adore, but if you aren’t this is a tough one for many couples to tackle. There are a few relationships involved at that point, so seeking out help from someone qualified can be extraordinarily helpful.

Couple standing together with noses touching and smiling. If you're looking to deepen your connection, work with a couples therapist in Texas. Begin to understand and communicate via marriage counseling and couples therapy in Southlake, TX. Get help either in-person or via online therapy in Texas.Money can be a complicated topic for everyone. Budgeting is not the most fun activity in the world by far. It can lead to irritability and frustration on a good day. Let alone if you are struggling with your partner financially. Working with a counselor to better communicate. And you can learn how to talk about money. This may not entirely eliminate those hardships, but at least your partnership is attacking the problem together.

Life Changes

Changing situations hit relationships all the time. Newly married, the addition of children, career changes are just a few of the many sudden changes that affect a couple’s relationship with one another. Reacting to these situations can be unpredictable. A counselor can help to guide you through your own emotions as well as your partners. This can allow you to grow together through those changes rather than apart.

Sudden changes can trigger things like excitement. However, these can often turn into depression, anxiety, fear, and tension. These are emotions that your partner can be there for you with, absolutely. They are going through their own wave of emotions as well. Couples therapy near Southlake, TX, can allow you to feel heard and supported through whatever life is throwing your way.

Adding children to the mix

Another huge part of a partnership is parenting. When children enter the picture, it is that much more important to keep your relationship strong and healthy. Younger or newer relationships may cover the fundamentals to ensure that you both agree on the principles of parenting. Of course, you read the books or did your research on the best ways to tackle the raising of children. The real-world application of those principles, however, gets a little bit messier. Children are tiring, immense sources of stress, and almost never come at us in the ways we have planned. Parent coaching and couples counseling are great ways to tackle tough problems as they come up in your family. If you are having problems with discipline, school, or behavior issues; this puts stress on your partnership. Our experienced counselors in Southlake are prepared to lead you through both short and long-term solutions to get your family in a happier and healthier situation.

Marriage has to bend and flex with each changing season, kids being a bit part of that. At the end of the day though, you still have to find ways to connect with your partner. This goes beyond the day-to-day banter over the lives of your children. What happens when your children move out? You find out that maybe the person you fell in love with is a stranger. Now more than ever. It is really important to establish healthy intimacy from the get-go. And, it is also really important to know how to maintain that intimacy throughout the life of your marriage.

So, is marriage counseling and couples therapy in Southlake, TX for you and your partner?

The short answer is, absolutely! Everyone can benefit from checking in on your relationship on a regular basis. If your relationship is struggling or if you feel like you have the room to grow as a couple, seek out a licensed professional to help you get there. Do not let the stigma of ‘going to counseling’ keep you and your partner from having the best possible relationship!

We are also here to provide that space for people to really feel heard after years of disfunction if that is the case as well. People that we love the most can also leave the deepest wounds. Counseling in Southlake, TX is a place for you to come with your partner if you’ve tried everything else. Let’s work together to get to the root of the issues you both are facing with a viable solution for everyone. Our counselors can act as a neutral intermediary to keep things calm and not deepen the hurt.

Ready to begin counseling in Southlake, TX?

At our in-person and online practice here in Southlake, TX, we offer marriage counseling and couples therapy! Let us be the place that you and your partner decide to grow together into a more fruitful partnership. Alongside our excellent couples counseling services, we also offer services that help you and your family. What are some great pairs to our couples counseling here in Southlake, TX? It may also be important to do some individual work to accompany the couple’s work that you do with your partner. Maybe you have some past trauma that you would benefit from working through or are going through some particularly hard changes in your work life.

Other Mental Health Services The Well House Offers

There are all kinds of therapy right here to help you make the most out of your life. Here at The Well House Group, we offer individual counseling, therapy for moms, and career coaching as just a few of the complementary kinds of counseling. Whether you are looking to repair the hurt or looking to dive a little bit deeper, our practice is here to help. Let’s work together to build you a better life! If you’re looking for another therapy service we also provide teen counselingEMDR therapy for trauma,  EMDR for peak performancepostpartum support, and academic coaching for kids. All of our services are offered in-person or via online counseling in Texas. We also offer supervision for LPC Interns and Associates looking to complete their licensure requirements with clinical supervision in Texas. Lastly, if you’re in Dallas, Justin, Argyle, Northlake, or anywhere in the state, we are ready to serve you. We look forward to working with you on your mental health journey! You can book your appointment today with us via text, phone, or email. Learn a little bit more about our counselors here on our about page.