Academic Coaching
at The Well House

Counselors Jennifer and Reagan are sitting at a table smiling. They are excited to begin academic coaching in Southlake, TX. Online Coaching with The Well House can help you kids succeed in school. Call now!

We spend the formative years of our lives pursuing academics which generally launch us towards a career or life-path. While some navigate these years without struggle, many more young people struggle to find their footing and success in academics. Academic coaching in Southlake, TX can help both the young person and the parent make sense of these years and find success and happiness on the journey. Counselors at The Well House are ready to help you.

What is Academic Coaching

Academic coaching is a solution-focused approach to counseling where we focus on your specific concerns. Your counselor acts as a coach to help you not only identify areas of growth but also learn new ways to achieve your goals while preserving your sanity.

What to expect in online coaching in Southlake, TX

When you receive academic coaching at The Well House, you will have a professional on your team who will work with you to achieve your academic goals. Your sessions will be goal-focused. You and your counselor will work together to identify the things that are working and to develop the skills that are not working.

Sometimes during the coaching process, bigger issues come up. Since your coach is a trained counselor, they will be able to step back from the solution-focused coaching and step into counseling to help you work through whatever comes up.

The truth is, sometimes we struggle not because something is inherently hard, but we struggle because we have to limit thoughts or beliefs about ourselves or the things we are trying to do. Counseling and coaching together can not only help you make academic progress but can help you find yourself through the process as well.