Offering hope and healing
by providing Therapy for Moms

You’re a mom. You love your kids tremendously, but you don’t feel happy. 

Sometimes, it feels like you’re walking around in a fog. You can’t concentrate and this makes it hard to truly connect with the people you love. 

You’re overwhelmed and always worry if you’re “doing it right.” 

Your doctor has said you have postpartum anxiety and depression and suggested you find a therapist. 

green wreath of leaves. Being an overwhelmed mom in southlake, tx can feel like you‘re drowning in responsibilities. Here at the well house, we understand the stress you may be going through. We are here to help you with counseling for moms in Southlake, tx. This doesn’t need to be an overwhelming process. Therapy for moms in southlake, tx can help you feel more in control and allow you to enjoy the time you spend with your loved ones. Get in touch with us today!