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We hope The Well House will become your partner in navigating life’s difficult moments and achieving your highest dreams.

At The Well House, we believe that effective counseling addresses the mind, body, spirit, and relationships. In our collaborative practice, counselors work together to help individuals, couples, and families find wellness. We offer many specialties under one roof, streamlining the time and communication necessary to help you achieve your wellness goals. For example, you can take your teen to their counseling session and get parent coaching with a different therapist at the same time. And because each counselor has unique specialties and perspectives, it’s easy for you or a family member to connect with and relate to a counselor who is the best fit.

While each counselor provides individualized attention, all members of your wellness team meet regularly and collaborate to bring you the highest level of care.

We all have experiences that shape and guide us into our life’s purpose. At The Well House, we see challenges and difficulties as learning experiences that guide us in the direction we should go.

Meet Jennifer Kruse LPC-S
Counselor at The Well House Group in Southlake, Texas

Meet Reagan Vermillion LPC
Counselor at The Well House Group in Southlake, Texas

Meet Jane Fowler, M.Ed., LPC-S
Counselor at The Well House Group in Southlake, Texas

Meet Amy Hulburt, LPC-A
Counselor at The Well House Group in Southlake, Texas

There are many paths to individual growth and healing; and for many people, counseling is one of those paths. Some people come to counseling to unpack and explore past experiences and to learn how to move forward in a healthier and a more aligned way. Others are navigating a difficult transition or challenging circumstance and can benefit from an outsider’s perspective to help them navigate safely and efficiently.

Counseling and coaching isn’t limited to life’s struggles. Many seek counseling and coaching to continue growing on their journey. As humans, we are here to enjoy, to create, and to find our unique path in this world. While struggle has a way of guiding us, the calm times are ripe with opportunity to grow and create rapidly in the direction of our dreams.

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