LPC Intern Supervision in Dallas / Fort Worth

Jennifer Kruse offers individual and group supervision to LPC Interns.

Jennifer loves to train and mentor young counselors. During supervision, interns can expect that Jennifer will assist them to find their unique counseling style, hone their professional counseling skills, and develop into a competent, fully licensed counselor.

Within the state required 4 hours of monthly supervision, Jennifer likes to break down the time into two main components: professional/personal development (workshop) and clinical supervision.

In workshop…

Jennifer is passionate about the personal development portion of supervision. These supervision sessions are held in an intimate group setting and feel like a personal workshop. Jennifer brings unique topics to teach and to discuss each month. Topics may include issues such as boundaries, intuition, meditation, or communication. The purpose of these workshops is for Interns to further develop their own understanding of themselves and how they interact with their families, loved ones, and the world. Jennifer believes that a counselor can only take their client as far as they have come themselves. As such, continued personal development is crucial to being an effective counselor. These group workshops allow interns to discuss their own therapeutic orientation style within the context of their personal life. This open discussion is a wonderful tool for deepening the Intern’s understanding not only of counseling theories but also of their Self. The lessons learned in these workshops carry over as clinical wisdom in therapeutic relationships.

In clinical supervision…

The remaining hours of supervision will be spent exploring sessions and learning not only from Jennifer but from 1-2 other counseling interns. One-on-one supervision sessions are available as needed depending on the interns current needs, but Jennifer finds that a small group of 2-3 interns provides an excellent shared learning environment. In these clinical supervision sessions, interns will have a chance to process their sessions and receive feedback on best practices and theory integration. Jennifer will also help interns learn how to effectively take notes, manage their schedules, and communicate with clients.

Supervision FAQ:

Where are the supervision sessions located?

Supervision sessions will be located in or near Southlake, Texas.

Do you offer online supervision?

Yes. Jennifer offers online supervision on a case-by-case basis. Ideally, an intern would be able to attend monthly workshops on a regular basis.

Is there childcare?

Yes! Jennifer is a mom, and she feels strongly that it is possible to grow a career and a family at the same time. No, we can’t take our kids into our client sessions; but Jennifer arranges childcare during certain supervision sessions. The babysitter will be on site, but the child does need to be old enough to be left with the sitter for the entire supervision session. This allows mom (or dad) to focus on supervision/workshop.

Can you provide supervision as well as hours?

Jennifer is owner of The Well House and may provide hours. However, the availability of obtaining hours at The Well House will be determined on a case-by-case basis. The determination of this option will depend on many factors including The Well House’s capacity for counselors as well as the needs of the Intern. Jennifer can also assist you in finding a service location that suits your needs.