LPC Intern Supervision
in Dallas / Fort Worth

Jennifer Kruse is a caring and empathetic counselor who is offering clinical supervision in texas. If you’re are looking for LPC intern supervision, The Well House can help you with individual or group supervision in southlake. Searching for the right lpc supervisors near me can be difficult, but supervision is made easier when you have online lpc supervision in texas. Email, Text, or call us today!

Jennifer Kruse offers LPC intern supervision in Texas. I can provide services for individual LPC interns in Southlake, or group supervision in Texas.

Jennifer loves to train and mentor young counselors. During LPC intern supervision in Texas, they can expect that Jennifer will assist them to find their unique counseling style, hone their professional counseling skills, and develop into a competent, fully licensed counselor.

Within the state required 4 hours of monthly supervision, Jennifer likes to break down the time into two main components: professional/personal development (workshop) and clinical supervision.