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Collaborative Counseling in Southlake, Texas

The Well House Group is a boutique counseling practice located in Southlake, Texas. We are conveniently located near the Dragon Stadium and Highway 114. Our counselors serve all people, from infants to adults. We offer a collaborative model of counseling that takes a holistic view of healing. With collaborative counseling, we take into account all members of a family system in order to encourage healing for all. We have a diverse group of counselors whose specialties, experiences, and personalities have been strategically brought together to treat a wide variety of needs. With the collaborative model, individual therapy and family therapy can happen in the same practice, and possibly, at the same time. No need to travel around town to find all your specialists. At The Well House Group, we have them all under one roof.

What is collaborative counseling?

Collaborative counseling provides a holistic view of counseling. Often, people seek counseling because they are feeling anxious or depressed. Traditional counseling treats the individual and may occasionally make a referral to a different practice for family or couples therapy.

Collaborative counseling takes the guesswork out of healing. With collaborative counseling, you will see your individual counselor as well as other counselors based on your needs (family therapy, parent coaching, or couples counseling are a few popular ones). With a collaborative approach, a team of specialists will work together to help you reach your mental health goals. Your specialists are experts at collaboration and communication and will skillfully help you reach your goals.


From the moment you reach out to our intake specialist, great care is taken to make sure you are appropriately placed with the right counselor and the right team. We take an extensive history and will often refer couples or families to work with other Well House Counseling Specialists. We find that the collaborative model treats the entire family system unit and is the best and quickest way to bring about positive, meaningful change.

How does it work?

When working with your counselor, they may notice themes or pain points in your other relationships or families. Your counselor will discuss these observations with you and will make a recommendation for additional collaborative sessions. The recommendation is often for parent coaching, family therapy, or couples counseling. Your counselor will identify goals and will schedule you with the collaborating counselor. The collaboration doesn’t stop there. The Well House team meets weekly to discuss treatment plans for all collaboration clients. When collaboration is done this way, we can tailor treatment goals to meet the needs of the individuals and the collective in order to bring about lasting change.

What issues can it help?

Collaborative counseling can be helpful for a wide variety of concerns. Since the collaborative model takes the entire system into consideration, it is a flexible treatment modality that can be tailored for just about any need. We commonly help individuals and families with the following concerns:

Marital dissatisfaction
Parenting concerns
Counseling for Teens
Family dynamics
Post-Partum Depression and Anxiety
Communication struggles in relationships
Trauma and PTSD
Play Therapy

How do I know if Collaborative counseling is right for me?

If you have ever thought that your family dynamic was affecting your stressed teen. Or maybe your teen’s behavior is affecting your family dynamic. Collaborative counseling can help. We do not exist in a vacuum. In fact, when one member of the family is struggling, all members are effected. The same thing applies to healing. When one member of the family begins to heal, all members are effected. It is much easier to achieve mental health when everyone in your family unit is getting help. Even if all family members are not interested in mental health healing, there are ways that a holistic view can support a healing journey. To bring it back to the original examples, Individual counseling for your teen or child can help your child grow and develop their mental health skills. Meanwhile, Family counseling and/or parent coaching can help the family deal with the challenges that arise from the interactions with their teen.

If you struggle with depression and your marriage feels hard, then collaborative counseling can help you tend to the depression while also addressing the needs of your relationship.

You can work through your own thoughts and goals with your individual therapist. Meanwhile, your couples therapist will help you achieve a more fulfilling and harmonious relationship; and both therapists will regularly consult to make sure they are all working towards the same goals.

If you have made a big, life decision that feel great but your family isn’t quite on board, collaborative counseling can help. You can work with your individual counselor to process all the changes. Meanwhile, a family therapist can work with you and your family together to navigate the tough conversations. This approach supports both you and your family. Collaborative counseling can help everyone through the changes.

How does Collaborative Counseling differ from Traditional counseling?

On the surface, collaborative counseling looks a lot like traditional counseling. You will form a close, trusting relationship with your counselor and you will rely on their expertise to hold space for you and to help you navigate towards your mental health goals.

With traditional counseling, if you need additional support (parent coaching, couples counseling, or family therapy), your counselor may provide these services themself or they may refer you to another therapist in a different practice. If your counselor chooses to provide these additional services themselves, it can make it difficult to keep their roles separate. If you are referred to an outside therapist, it can be hard for the two counselors to communicate which will make it hard for all counselors to work towards a unified goal.


With The Well House’s collaborative method, you can see different specialists who are all under the same roof. Each counselor has a different specialty and perspective which makes it easy for us to treat a wide variety of needs. From the first intake call, you will receive a high level of care tailored to your unique needs. We are particular about how we pair counselors and clients, and we are particular with how we continue to provide individualized care. To that end, Well House counselors meet regularly to consult and to create tailored treatment plans. You can rest easy knowing that you have an entire mental health team working towards you goals.

Frequently Asked Questions About Collaborative Counseling:

What results can I expect from a collaborative approach?

Since collaborative counseling streamlines the wellness process, you can expect seamless communication and streamlined goals. Results can manifest quickly when all members of a family unit are getting help.

What if I don’t want a collaborative approach?

That is okay! You are always in charge of your healing process. If you are not ready to involve other members in your healing or you are not interested in other services, that’s just fine by us. We have many clients who just come for individual sessions and we would never pressure anyone to receive services that they are not ready for.

Do I have to request a collaborative session?

Not necessarily, but you can if you want. In general, when your counselor thinks that collaboration will be helpful, she will recommend and help you get your collaborative session scheduled.

How can I get started?

If you are interested in starting counseling, call or email us today. Our intake specialist will take the time to learn about your needs and preferences and will schedule you with the counselor or team who best meets your needs.

4 Ways to Practice Mindfulness Today

Mindfulness transforms how we relate in our daily life. When we are mindful, life feels more spacious and less chaotic. We react less and experience more. It can be hard to find the time to practice mindfulness. But few practices offer as much potential for transformation as does mindfulness. With regular practice, we can begin to experience stress and anxiety differently. Mindfulness creates the space needed to choose outcomes and experience the world in a whole new way.

“Mindfulness is awareness that arises through paying attention, on purpose, in the present moment, and non-judgmentally.” Jon Kabat-Zinn

Mindfulness shifts us out of our default mode

Many of us spend our days on autopilot, not aware of what we are experiencing. When on autopilot, we do not experience the world as it is.  Instead, we experience the world through the filter of our mind, our past, or whatever thoughts we are having in the present moment. When we do notice something in the present, our default is often to judge instantly and react quickly. In these moments, we are likely not reacting 100% to the present experience, rather we are reacting to a memory, thought, or belief that is only loosely related to the present moment.

Imagine the possibilities if you could fully focus on the present moment without interference from past experiences, fears, or beliefs. Mindfulness is how we get there. When we are mindful in the present moment, we see things are they are, not as we imagine them to be. Mindfulness helps us be present in our lives and gives us control over our reactions and repetitive thought patterns. It helps us pause, get a clearer picture of a situation, and respond more skillfully

If this description of mindfulness sounds different that your default way of being, you may find yourself wondering how you can become more mindful. Maybe you are experiencing a lot of anxiety and worries, and you would like to learn how to be more mindful to help with anxiety. If so, this blog is for you. In this blog, you will learn what mindfulness really is and 3 practical steps you can take right now to be more mindful in your daily life.

3 Mindfulness Exercises You Can Try Today

1.Mindful Breathing for Anxiety

This mindful breathing exercise will help you build the mental muscle needed to focus your attention both towards desired thoughts and away from undesired thoughts. If you struggle with anxiety, this breathing technique is a great place to start.

This exercise can be done standing up or sitting down, and anywhere at any time. If you can sit down, that’s great, if not, no worries. Either way, all you have to do is be still and focus on your breath for one minute. Start by breathing in and out slowly. The length of each breath will be different for each person, but a good rule of thumb is to breathe in for 5 seconds, hold for 5 seconds, and then breathe out for 5 seconds. We call this 5-5-5 breathing or a breath work meditation.

Breathe in through your nose and out through your mouth, letting your breath flow effortlessly in and out of your body. While you are breathing, let your attention move to your breath. You may find it difficult to stop thinking, and that’s ok. The goal is to notice your thoughts without getting lost in them. Whenever you have a thought, notice it and then let your attention come back to your breath.

As you are intentionally focusing on your breath, you may notice the feeling of the air as it fills your body. Allow yourself to notice the rise and fall of your stomach and the sensation of air flowing in your nose and out of your mouth. If your mind wanders and you have trouble focusing on your breath, that is okay. It’s actually the point of this exercise! When you catch your mind wandering, just notice where your mind is and then come back to noticing your breath. To begin, set a timer for 5 minutes. There is no minimum or maximum length of time that you can practice this exercise. Some days will be easier than others, and that’s okay!

“If you want to conquer the anxiety of life, live in the moment, live in the breath.” – Amit Ray.

2. Mindful Observation to Help with Depression and to Cultivate Gratitude

Do you struggle to find the good in things? Do you tend to jump to worst case scenario? Mindful observation is a mindfulness technique that strengthens your ability to focus. Often when we are anxious or depressed, it can be hard to turn our thoughts in a more positive direction. While these exercises are not a cure-all for anxiety or depression, they can certainly give your brain a boost when it comes to having more control over where you focus your attention.

This exercise is incredibly powerful as it helps you notice and appreciate the simple beauties that surround you each day. The calming effects will become more tangible the longer you practice this exercise. Choose a natural object from within your immediate environment and focus on watching it for a minute or two. This could be a flower, an insect, the clouds, or even the moon. Don’t do anything except notice the thing you are looking at. Simply relax into watching for as long as your concentration allows.

Look at this object as if you are seeing it for the first time. Visually explore every aspect of its formation, and allow yourself to be consumed by its presence. Allow yourself to connect with its energy and its purpose within the natural world. If your mind wanders and you have trouble focusing on the object, that is okay. When you catch your mind wandering, just notice where your mind is and then come back to noticing the intricate details of your chosen object.

3. Mindful Awareness to Become More Present in Your Life

If you struggle to stay present and in-the-moment, mindful awareness exercises can help. This exercise will strengthen your minds ability to stay present and aware. You will also sharpen your mind’s ability to focus and notice the little things around you. If you have experienced trauma or other attachment related injuries, then this exercise may be difficult for you. If staying present is especially triggering or difficult, please seek the support of a trusted counselor who can help you in your healing journey.

To begin, think of something that you do every day; maybe something you take for granted, like opening a door. (you can choose any task or action that calls to you). Every time you go to open a door, pause to intentionally notice all your sensations and surroundings. Notice the feel of the doorknob, the weight of the door, does it make a noise when you open the door? You may notice your heart and breath, even the thoughts you are having in that moment are part of this little snapshot. You may even feel gratitude for your hands as they open the door. As you begin to melt into this exercise, trust your intuition as it guides you to notice and appreciate things in whatever ways serve you in that moment.

“Every one of us already has the seed of mindfulness. The practice is to cultivate it.” – Thich Nhat Hanh

Mindfulness is your superpower

With regular practice, we harness the ability to root the mind in the present moment. When fully present, we are more equipped to deal with life’s challenges and to handle anxiety and stress. As we learn to direct our awareness, we have more control over our thoughts and can choose where our attention goes.

If you are struggling with anxiety or depression and would like help learning any of these techniques, counseling at The Well House can help. Our Counselors are trained to help you heal from past traumas and can teach you mindfulness techniques that you can use anywhere. We offer counseling both in person in our Southlake, Texas office or online via our secure Telehealth platform.  Our counselors have helped people all over the DFW area to heal from past trauma, to improve their work-life balance, and to be better partners and parents. If you are interested in learning more about counseling or how mindfulness can help with anxiety Contact us today.

Therapy for Moms When Life Is Out of Control

Therapy for moms may sound like just another chore on the to-do list. When tradition usually dictates that women and men alike try their best to handle all the emotions of life on their own, it’s easy to put it off until another day. But what happens when that stops working? Eventually, we all fall to pieces over something.

For moms, this can be an especially hard balance with demands coming from what feels like all sides of life. A household, family life, children, adult relationships–they all take their toll on moms. Moms of Texas wear all kinds of hats which means that caring for yourself comes with a beautifully nuanced lens.

Each one of the moms in our life is different. Some of them are career women, some are full-time family caretakers of children or parents, and some are finding a way to carve out that space in between. All of these women are a celebration of what it means to be female. Whether you are a new mom or a seasoned mom, we all turn to each other for support. The stress and fatigue that come with this part of life are universal.

What isn’t universal is your personal pain points as you take this part of life on. How have you been struggling lately? The women in your circle are there for you, but sometimes you really need more than a brunch chat to fix what’s happening in your life. Perhaps a friend or a doctor has suggested you see someone, but you are still unsure about how that fits with you. Counseling in Texas can seem like an overwhelming concept. So, what is counseling in the context of your life as a mom?

What does therapy for moms in Texas mean?

Getting to the root of what’s impeding you from living your best life means meeting where you are. Even the act of calling to schedule a meeting is you taking back control over your life, your feelings, and your well-being. No issue is too small. Counseling here in Southlake, Texas is meant to navigate you through your personal journey with motherhood to start enjoying or even get more out of that part of your identity as a wife, mother, and woman.

Especially for new moms, the transition can be exhausting and overwhelming. Talking with other moms may not be enough to lift you out of those baby blues and uncertainty of being a new parent. Therapy for moms is a place where you do not have to feel alone. You are enough. Talking through some of the things you are struggling with to an unbiased and empathetic counselor will allow you to unearth the tools and tricks to take the reins back during a time when many things seem a bit out of control.

Maybe you feel like you are doing all the right things, but you are still exhausted and stressed out. There is a place for you in therapy as well. Working on yourself is the self-care that you may be needing to lift some of the day-to-day anxiety. Perfectionism is a struggle that just about every woman faces, but it may look different for you than the person to your left and right. Coming to therapy to learn to let go of that image of the perfect family and perfect mother can lead to fuller living and a happier family.

New moms are under a brand new kind of pressure

You’ve read all the books and dealt with the horrors that pregnancy can bring. But now, your life is falling apart a bit after the little bundle of joy arrives. In the beginning, people are coming over to help you with the everyday tasks, cook you food, and coo with the baby while you rest your arms for thirty minutes and maybe catch a nap. Then those people begin to drift back to their lives, your partner may have to go back to work, and you are left alone to handle a new human being. YIKES!

There are risks for serious health conditions

Calm mom holding beautiful new born in close up. Motherhood is beautiful, but thats not the end of the story. It can also be chaotic. Sometimes you may need therapy for moms in texas or postpartum support for moms. Talk with a postpartum counselor today and develop a self-care plan for yourself. About 50 to 75 percent of women experience the baby blues following childbirth; but for some, this grows into a larger problem. About 15 percent of those women affected by baby blues develop those severe symptoms associated with postpartum depression. This process of hormone stabilization is a natural one, but some outside factors can contribute to an increased risk for a more serious condition. For those who have already experienced postpartum depression, you are at an increased risk for it in your following pregnancies. Having a postpartum counselor to check in with following the birth of your children can be critical.

Even if you do not end up with a condition as serious as postpartum depression, therapy for moms can be that hour you get back for yourself. Some mothers feel like they lose themselves when caring for a child. Establishing this practice early on can mean a better balance over the lifetime of your child as well. Mommy groups are great, but they also may not be the place to really work through your personal issues. They provide great support and aid in the isolation risks that come from motherhood; however, a professional counselor is there to guide you to the best possible outcome.

Reconnect with your partner

Being a mom is also only one part of being a woman. Being a partner to your spouse is also important, but some people struggle with their new identities melding into one. Caring for your children becomes who you are with your spouse as just another person added to the mix. How do you reconnect with them emotionally and physically? Having a couples therapist can help to kickstart those conversations for yourself and eventually you and your partner. We can walk you through how to reconnect with your own sexuality, sensuality, and individual person that you were before you became a mother.

Working with us in therapy for moms can also work in tandem with a marriage counseling and couples therapy session can put your marriage and partnership on track. Having a new baby is stressful in ways that we never imagine. Maybe it has put a great deal of stress on you and your partner’s relationship beyond just the struggle of new identities. Therapy for moms I Tecan teach you ways to ask for the help you may be needing. Parenting styles are great to discuss ahead of time in theory, but are they working out in a way that is practical for you both? Counseling can help you as a mom talk through what is working for you and what makes you feel comfortable. Not all those strategies in the books are going to work for your family!

How do you become you again?

At some point, you are going to have to leave your children. Whether that is date night once in a while or going back to work, it is hard. As a mom, you struggle with anxiety and guilt related to leaving your children in ways that most males just don’t. For some, it just takes practice, but for others this a larger hurdle to jump over. If you cannot get out of the house, you face larger problems of isolation-related illness. Partnering with a licensed counselor can help you to overcome those anxieties through coping strategies and talking with you through where the root of those feelings are coming from. Once you take back the control of being yourself again, you truly have the ability to be a rockstar mom. You can do anything you set your mind to!

Motherhood is more than just babies, though

Mother and daughter standing together outside being present with one another. Motherhood changes as your children grow. Whether you're in need of postpartum support, couples therapy, or just general therapy for moms in texas, our online counselors are ready to work with you. Get in touch with counseling in southlake, tx today!Motherhood is a long process. Maybe you are past the crying baby part of it and are starting to raise headstrong kids with lots of growing emotions. These can be small children or adolescents. Either way, you may feel ill-equipped to handle all of the new challenges that come with each phase of life. Meeting with a counselor can give you the tools you need to communicate with your children and meet them where they are. This can mean counseling for you, for you and your child, or therapy for them to help them better communicate with you. Either way our certified child life specialist, Reagan, is here in Southlake, Texas to help guide you.

Those lessons can be learned when your children are young, but it can also help you with children that are young adults and have families of their own. Watching your children go off into the world can be terrifying. Mixing families and in-law relationships are sometimes easy to manage. While sometimes, they come with unique struggles you never thought to encounter. No one really ever goes into a family union dreaming of being the monster-in-law. However, sometimes our fears and gut reactions can drive situations into murky territory. Therapy for moms can help you build strong and lasting relationships with your children and their future spouses. Therapy acts as the bouncing board for those complicated feelings. Our counselors listen and allow you to have someone in your corner to manage it all.

Here is the thing…

Being a caregiver can also extend into your later years of life as well. What happens when your adult parents come under your wing now? The stress that can come from those burdens of caregiving is not unlike those of raising a child but with the emotional complication of you being the child at one point. Balancing those needs and emotions is extraordinarily difficult to handle alone. Meeting with a counselor can help you sort through those and come up with constructive ways to handle those remaining years with loved ones.

What are some of the unique challenges moms of Texas face?

On top of all the pressure that we face just as women in our society, there is an elephant in the room because we live in the south. As modern women, we would probably like to hope that the pressures of being ‘southern’ died out a long time ago. They really haven’t. Southern women face expectations from all angles these days it seems as we are pushed to modernize and chase our dreams. However, at the same time never sacrifice the time with our family to ensure that they are properly cared for. Oh, and we also need to make perfect pies. (Can’t forget that part.)

Those pressures coming from the other women in our life can be just as challenging as those in our own heads. These standards are invisible to the outside world but nuanced and alive to those of us that call Texas home. Therapy for moms in Southlake, TX, or anywhere in Texas is a great way to let go of some of that societal pressure to be perfect, raise perfect children, and never ever let your house get dirty. That is the great part about being a woman. Today, we can choose what traditions we keep and what we want with our own life.

If you want to have a traditional family, great! When you need to work, there’s a way to do it without feeling guilty all the time. Dream of doing both? Our counseling team is here to help you succeed. Thousands of moms out there are finding their independence through starting their own companies these days. Career counseling is a great addition to your work in therapy for moms if that is who you want to be. The point is that there is a place for all kinds of moms in the south now. The apple pie can be left up to Ms. Marie Calendar.

Why choose The Well House Group in Southlake?

Choosing a counselor can be a very personal search. After all, what can be more personal than your feelings as a woman? People want someone that is both knowledgeable and relatable to share their motherhood struggles with. Here at our office in Southlake, TX, our empathetic team of counselors is here to guide your journey of self-care. From helping to pick up broken pieces to diving deeper into your journey, we help you to discover a better life for yourself and your family.

Please reach out to our amazing team today to help you feel like you are back in the driver’s seat and more than just a mom again. Our team can be reached via text, call, or email. We are even offering telemedicine for those who cannot travel to our location here in Southlake, Texas. Take back your journey of motherhood and feel in control again.

Other Mental Health Services at The Well House

Therapy for moms in Southlake, TX isn’t the only service we offer in our counseling group. Other services include EMDR therapy, therapy for moms, parent coaching, EMDR for peak performance, therapy for teens, postpartum support for moms, academic coaching, career coaching for young adults, marriage counseling and couples therapy, young adult therapy, and for LPC Interns and Associates looking to complete their licensure requirements we offer clinical supervision in Texas. All of our services are offered via online therapy in Texas and we have limited in-person options. Counseling is a great path for individual growth and healing. We would be thrilled to walk alongside your journey as you develop wellness, self-care, and navigate new pathways. Begin therapy with The Well House soon!